Something else for misogynists to cry about!!!!


wipeout misogyny2

Did you know that the default human form is female?

Why do you think men have nipples?

We all start out female…….then that little almost insignificant Y chromosome activates and changes a little vagina into a penis and testicles.

Do you know how a male happens?

Basically, an X chromosome is ignored.

The Y chromosome only contains about 100 genes, whereas, an X chromosome contains about 1500 genes.

The males need every bit of X they can get or they will not exist. A person ends up XX or XY.

But without the X in the XY, you get nothing.

So all woman hating misogynists can take comfort in knowing (lol, yeah right) that every last one of you is mostly female!!!!! (Don’t forget about those nipples) Awwwww poor you!